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Fading confidence in manufacturing

The confidence indicator is led by large companies while smaller ones are facing difficult problems.

Investments fueled GDP growth in the first quarter

According to the final data, GDP rose by 4.2% in the first quarter of 2017 on an annual basis, a …

Steep GDP growth in Q1

According to the preliminary data, Hungarian GDP grew by as 4.1% in the first quarter on an annual basis, a sharp improvement compared to the previous quarters.

Industry: spectacular upturn in March

According to the preliminary data, industrial production expanded by an unadjusted 12.8% in March on a year-on-year basis. The working …

Kopint-Tárki ranked 1st in the analytical competition of the Hungarian National Bank and Reuters Hungary

Kopint-Tárki’s analyst team gave the most accurate forecasts in 2016.

Manufacturing: mixed outlooks

Current sentiment of the Hungarian manufacturing industry is ambivalent. According to their own sentiment evaluation, firms are feeling themself well and their outlook for the next 6 months is also looking good. The evaluation of the country’s current state and prospectives just as the production forecasts are also good.

GDP: sluggish growth in the fourth quarter

According to the preliminary data, GDP rose at an unadjusted rate of 1.6% year-on-year, a disappointment relative to the expectations …

Industry: an unexpectional December ends a disappointing 2016

On a yearly average, industrial production rose by an insubstantial 0.9 in 2016%, which was way below what was expected …

Optimism is fading again the manufacturing industry

The current state of the Hungarian manufacturing industry is odd. On one hand the sentiment indicators reflect good mood – all indices based on the subjective assessment of the companies are on high levels. On the other hand other indicators that are relying on more objective factors are in declining.

Another setback in industrial growth

Following the spectacular growth in September (buttressed by a sizeable calendar effect), October brought another negative turn: industrial production decreased …