Global and Hungarian economy in the summer of 2016 (press release)

Kopint-Tarki has published its latest economic forecast concerning the global and Hungarian economy.

Manufacturing companies are still enthusiastic


Manufacturing companies see their current situation mixed, but very optimistic regarding the future.

Euren News 2016/1


The European Economic Network (Euren) has published Euren-News 2016/1.

Kopint-Tárki is again the third best forecasting institute!


Kopint-Tárki’s lead macroeconomic analyst Zoltán Matheika is again third in the annual MNB-Reuters macroeconomic forecaster race.

Flagging sentiment in manufacturing industry


High level of inventories, moderate production forecast.



On December 27, 2015, Mátyás Klauber, Kopint-Tárki’s Senior Research Economist passed away.

Fading optimism in manufacturing industry


Sentimend indicator has fallen to 60 points while confidence index decreased to 49 points.

Hungary is ranked 63th in the Global Competitiveness Report


The most problematic factors are policy instability, corruption and bureaucracy.

MPA from Harvard, PhD from Debrecen University

Zoltan by Ahmed with glasses_közepes_közepes

Having received an MPA from Harvard in June, Managing Director Zoltán Ádám has also defended his PhD in Economics at the University of Debrecen.

Béla Szörfi at Kopint-Tarki

“The crisis resulted in a structural transformation as well in the eurozone countries. The future education system will play a crucial role in adjusting workforce supply to demand."

Béla Szörfi, formerly of Kopint-Tárki, currently at the European Central Bank gave a presentation on “Comparisons and contrasts of the impact of the crisis on euro area labour markets.”