2014 – Study on initiatives and measures to promote youth entrepreneurship

The main general goal of this project is to conduct a research study for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) on Youth entrepreneurship in Europe.

2014 – Study on Statistical data on Women Entrepreneurs in Europe and on the creation of an e-platform for Women Entrepreneurs

The aims of the study were to collect and analyze the most recent comparable statistical data on women entrepreneurs in Europe (37 countries) and to study the feasibility and possible design, input and set-up of a European-wide e-platform for women entrepreneurs.

Shifts in the global economy and their impact on Hungarian export market possibilities, the economic growth and the general government budget

In this study we analyze the realignments of the growth poles of the world economy; the expectable economic trend situation and power positions of particular regions with a special focus on the sales markets of the Hungarian export.

Hungarian economy: recent trends and outlooks

Hungarian economy: recent trends and outlooks Commissioner  Trigránit Budapest, April,  2014 Authors: Ádám Zoltán,  Matheika Zoltán, Palócz Éva, Editor: Éva …

Mapping the personal income tax and the distance from the motorway

Displaying the personal income tax and the distance from the motorway on a subregional catch map, based on data of 2002.,2006., 2009., and 2012.

Market survey scope on export credit insurance needs/ options for SMEs

The target group of the market survey study consists of those Micro-and SMEs, registered in Hungary that are interested in exporting.