A further acceleration of investments, amidst the weakening of business investments

140228_beruházások_ENInvestments grew by an outstanding 14.9% in the fourth quarter of 2013, surpassing expectations (and the 9.8% growth in the third quarter). As a result, the cumulative investment growth in 2013 as a whole amounted to 7.2%, an annual growth rate unseen since 2004.
But this acceleration is basically due to another jump in public investments, with a whopping 50.8% growth in Q4. Business investment growth, on the other hand, decelerated to 4.8% (from the promising 9.7% in Q3), an unwelcome development. It must be noted, however, that the investments of enterprises employing less than 50 employees (which are not included in the business investment figure) seem to have boosted their investment activity, while household investments continued to fall.

The breakdown by sections shows that manufacturing investment growth continued at a reasonable rate of 11.5% (a slight deceleration after the 13.6% in Q3). Manufacturing investments, were mainly driven by branches related to the automotive industry (i. e. rubber, plastic industries and the manufacturing of non-mineral products).