The Kopint Story

Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research Co. was founded on March 1, 2007 by the research team of Kopint Datorg with a four decade-long standing in economic research, the KOPINT Foundation for Economic Research, and the empirical social research centre TÁRKI Co.. The research team of the new institute seceded from Kopint-Datorg, whose legal predecessor was the Institute for Economy and Market Research (KOPINT) founded in 1964.

The joint venture with Tárki rests on the premise that the approximation of economic and social research creates a complex profile that is for the moment missing from the Hungarian spectrum. In the course of activity our objective is on the one hand, to guard that critical spirit and independent form of thought, which has always characterized the research undertaken by Kopint, and on the other, to establish a modern institute in close cooperation with social research, producing results of significant quality on both a national and international level.

An important trait particular to our Institute has been that its studies combine theoretical background with an empirical, hands-on approach, which means that while our analyses stand on solid theoretical and methodological foundations, they also provide viable decision-making options to our partners.

Kopint-Tárki cooperates closely with the KOPINT Foundation for Economic Research founded in 1991, which likewise participates in various Hungarian and international research projects. The foundation is the publisher of the journal Külgazdaság [Foreign Economy] as well as numerous specialised publications, carrying on educational activity and support, also providing grants to young economists.