Financial Sector Benchmarking System (FSBS). In the framework of PFS (Partners for financial Stability) project of the USAID

The Country Reports for Albania Macedonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Bosnia-Hercegovina were prepared for the USAID in the frame of PFS (Partner for Financial Security) project, which supports financial sector development by bringing together regional players from Partner and Mentor Countries to address regional challenges, promote the adoption and implementation of international best practices, and to share experience and lessons learned.

Compilation of development cadastre on the completed developments

The purpose of the study titled “Compilation of development cadastre on the completed developments” – prepared in the framework of the ÁROP 1.1.20-2012-2012-0001 priority project titled “Monitoring developments in local government”, realized by the Ministry of the Interior, – is to enable coherent framing and monitoring of the local government development projects mainly from EU sources to fulfill the commitments made in connection with the EU membership.

Developing a micro-based macroeconomic model, and developing a household dynamic / behaviorial microsimulation model

Prepared in the frame of the research project KIH ÁROP 1.1.10-2011-2011-0001.

The role of the German economy in Hungarian economic performance

The study, which was commissioned by the Fiscal Council of Hungary, examines the impact of the German economy on the Hungarian economy with particular reference to the current state and perspectives of the German economy and its influence in Hungairan economic growth.

The shift of employment and training structure in 1980-2010 in Hungary and some neighbouring countries

The study, commissioned by the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ), examines the structure of the Hungarian education system and the structure of employment in terms of professional breakdown in international comparison with particular reference to Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.