Best Practices in Reducing Tax Gaps in V4 Countries – Mutual Learning and Lessons for Ukraine

The peer country paper, prepared in the frame of the project titled Mutual learning for reducing tax gaps in V4 countries and Ukraine, gives an overview about the major items of the tax system in Hungary and outlines the trends in the collection of taxes.

The situation of the Hungarian chemical industry

The study, prepared for the Hungarian Chemical Industry Association (MAVESZ), analyzes the situation of the Hungarian chemical industry, focusing on major international trends in the chemical industries in the world and in Europe.

Realignment of fiscal processes in the major countries of the world economy, in the EU and Hungary

The purpose of the study, which was prepared for the Secretariat of the Fiscal Council of Hungary, is to review the fiscal processes that have characterized the European Union’s economies over the last two years, especially the Central and Eastern European countries and Hungary.

The tendencies of trade in value-added in the OECD countries

The study, prepared for the Fiscal Council of Hungary, presents the main trends in world trade, the relationship between trade and FDI, and the relationship between trade in value-added and competitiveness and global value chains. The analysis outlines the preliminary results for the EU, for Hungary and other countries and presents the methodology for compiling TiVA.

Survey and Study paper on the Hungarian Investment Environment

The aim of this study, which was prepared for the European Commission Representation in Hungary, is to investigate the reasons for weak investment activity of the Hungarian corporate sector in the last decade, with special regard to the recent years.