Support to the Creation of Cohesion Policy Position: The Rippling Effect of the Central Hungarian Region

The purpose of the study, prepared for the National Development Agency of Hungary, is to estimate the significance of investments in the Central Hungarian region for the impact on the development of the whole country and to estimate the negative impact of the fact that this region receives significantly less EU funding in the next programming period on the whole country.

Situation assesment of the hotel and catering sector

The study, prepared for the Hungarian Development Bank, examines the tourism sector as the only service sector that has a demonstrable multiplier effect on GDP thanks to its vertical and horizontal interdependent connections.

Assessment of the situation in the agricultural and food sector

The study, prepared for the Hungarian National Bank, examines the performance of the food industry in the light of the continuing decline in the GDP share of agriculture from the 2000s in Hungary.

Impact assessment and international comparative review of tax changes in the last two years in Hungary

The study, commissioned by the National Association of Enterpreneurs and Employers (VOSZ), analyzes the impact of corporate tax reduction in 2010, the personal income tax reform in 2011-2012 and the introduction of bank tax in Hungary.

Monthly economic assesment of Hungary

Based on the most recent monthly and quarterly data, the report, prepared for the National Association of Enterpreneurs and Employers (VOSZ), analyzed the state of the Hungarian economy, its cyclical trends and its developmental directions.