Methodological support for the determination of indicators and base value

The purpose of the study, commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office, was to facilitate the development of a set of matching indicators for operational programs between 2014-2020, currently being finalized – GINOP, KEHOP, IKOP, EFOP, VEKOP, TOP and KÖFOP -, and, where possible, propose base and target values for these indicators.

Preliminary study on macroeconomic and budgetary forecasting methodologies

At the request of the Fiscal Council of Hungary, we prepared a preliminary study on the development of a macromodel, which would strenghten the analytical capabilities of the institute as well as enable it to provide various forward looking analyzes, projections, bases and alternative scenarios.

Shifts in the global economy and their impact on Hungarian export market possibilities, the economic growth and the general government budget

In this study, which was prepared for the Secretariat of the Fiscal Council of Hungary, we analyze the realignments of the growth poles of the world economy; the expectable economic trend situation and power positions of particular regions with a special focus on the sales markets of the Hungarian export.

Mapping the personal income tax and the distance from the motorway

The map, which was prepared for AKA, is displaying the personal income tax and the distance from the motorway. based on data of 2002., 2006., 2009., and 2012.

Market survey scope on export credit insurance needs/ options for SMEs

The target group of the market survey study, which was prepared for Eximbank, consists of those Micro-and SMEs, registered in Hungary that are interested in exporting.