For jobs! Entrepreneurial Newsletter 1-15

In the framework of the TÁMOP 2.5.3.C-13 / 1-2013-0001- “For Work!” Program, the Kopint-Tárki research team produced 15 brief reports in the form of newsletters for the LIGA Trade Union-led consortium, which members were BusinessHungary- MGYOSZ, VOSZ, and representatives of ESZA.

Productivity and Convergence- The prospects of Hungary. Tendencies and correlations

The study titled “Productivity and Convergence- The prospects of Hungary. Tendencies and correlations” prepared by the Institute for Economic and Entreprise Research of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Kopint-Tárki Institute was published in MKIK GVI Research Papers, No. 2015/4. in November, 2015.

Realignment of fiscal processes in major countries in the world economy, in the EU and Hungary

The study, prepared for the Secretariat of the Fiscal Council of Hungary, examines the realignment of fiscal developments as a result of the crisis in the world’s most important economies.

Complex Impact Assessment of the Trade and Investment Agreement between the US and the EU on the Hungarian Economy

The study – prepared for the National Council for Sustainable Development of the Hungarian National Assembly – analyses the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its impact on the Hungarian economy.