Good outlooks in manufacturing industry

Current state and outlooks of the Hungarian manufacturing industry looks pretty good. However there are several external barriers which set the production back. These factors have been existing in the life of the companies permanently. One of these is the lack of skilled labour which is a structural problem of the Hungarian economy. More than half of the respondents noted that there were problems with recruiting new employees.

Beside this delaying EU tenders and payments are also hampering production. Some respondents complained about the transparency of economic policies that restricts demand.

Nevertheless, most of the companies judge their current state good. Stock of orders are higher compared to the previous period, both in domestic and export relations. Quantitative capacities satisfy demand properly and capacity utilisation has benne increasing.

The current state of the Hungarian economy is considered to be fair with good outlook. The sentiment indicator – consisting subjective items – is stagnating at a favourable level. Meanwhile the confidence indicator – that aggregates objective factors – is permanently increasing.