Kopint-Tárki in Partners for Financial Stability progam

As a partner of Deloitte ConsUSAID_nagyobbulting Overseas Projects, Kopint-Tárki participates in the USAID funded Partners for Financial Stability program that seeks to analyse financial systems of East European economies, identifying systemic PFS_Logorisks and emphasising best practices. Kopint-Tárki focuses on the benchmarking of financial systems across the region acquiring both analytical and technical skills required by the project. In a first phase, Kopint-Tárki contributes to Deloitte activities in context of an interim project in August-November 2013. In the second phase, expectedly from about January 2014, Kopint-Tárki intends to participate in a three-year project, also funded by USAID, playing an increasing role in benchmarking.