Mobilising the potential of active ageing in Europe

MOPACT Mobilising the potential of active ageing in Europe. GA No.: 320333  
March 2013 to February 2017.
MOPACT is a four year project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme to provide the research and practical evidence upon which Europe can begin to make longevity an asset for social and economic development.To achieve this aim MOPACT concentrates the highest possible quality of scientific analyses into the development of innovative policies and approaches that can assist public authorities and other key actors, at all levels in Europe. MOPACT starts from the conviction that Europe requires a new paradigm of ageing if it is to respond successfully to the challenges of demographic change. Kopint-Tarki is involved in WP4 (Pension systems, and savings and financial education), WP10 (Knowledge Exchange and Trasfer) and WP11 (Management)..

A multi-disciplinary team targets the key challenges of ageing:

  • The continuing longevity revolution
  • A shrinking and ageing labour force
  • The fiscal sustainability of pensions, welfare systems and health care
  • The structural lag between changes in society and subsequent changes in societal institutions and attitudes
  • The rising need for long-term care
  • Changing social and political roles
  • MOPACT is Coordinated at the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield.
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