klauberm On December 27, 2015, Mátyás Klauber, Kopint-Tárki’s Senior Research Economist passed away. He was 62 years old, and left behind his partner, two adult sons and their families.

Matyi, as everybody called him, had been a Kopint economist since 1988. He was particularly good at qualitative research and impact analysis. He liked to conduct interviews and to write case studies, and invariably produced excellent papers with these techniques. He was smart, intelligent and funny. He loved people, life and eating. He was not interested in authority, and neither respected nor pursued it. He had a great deal of kindness and integrity, and was easy to get along with.

He was attacked by cancer for the second time six years ago. He fought hard and never gave up an inch easily. He kept on working from home, analyzing the Bulgarian, the Romanian and the Russian economies as well as the Hungarian real estate market. He never complained and was always on time, sometimes embarrassingly so for us in the office.

His thoughts and analytical insights live on in his studies. His jokes and his smile live on in our memories.


Mátyás Klauber’s funeral service will be held in Új köztemető (1108 Budapest, Kozma utca 8-10.) on February 12 at 11.15 AM in plot 53.