Ágnes Hárs Senior Research Associate

Hárs Ági

Personal information

Name Ágnes Hárs
Telephone +36 1 3092639  
E-mail agnes.hars@kopint-tarki.hu
Nationality Hungarian

Work experience

Occupation or position held Senior researcher
Employer/Commissioner KOPINT-TARKI Economic Research Institute Ltd, Budapest
Dates 2007 – present
Occupation or position held Senior researcher
Employer/Commissioner KOPINT-DATORG Economic Research Institute, Budapestt
Dates 1998-2007
Occupation or position held Editor
Employer/Commissioner Economic Monthly “Külgazdaság
Dates 1996-1998
Occupation or position held Research fellow
Employer/Commissioner Labour Research Institute, Budapest
Dates 1980-1996
Occupation or position held Research fellow
Employer/Commissioner GKI – Economic Research Institute, Budapest
Dates 1977-1980


Education and training

Title of degree PhD
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Economics
University or college Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Dates attended 1995
Title of degree MA
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Labour Economics
University or college Budapest University of Economics, Budapest
Dates attended 1984
Title of degree BA
University or college Budapest University of Economics
Dates attended 1971-1977
Research interests Labour economics, employment policy, economics of migration, regional economics


Personal Skills

Mother tongue Hungarian
Other languages: Reading Speaking Writing
English C2 C2 C2
German C2 C2 C2
Russian A2 A2 A2


National Scientific and Research Fund (OTKA) research grant Migration in health care. Phenomena and explanatzions. 2014-16
National Employment Found (National OFA project (2011-2013) Evaluation of crisis measures on the Hungarian labour market – research project leader

As a part of labour market analyses a report was carried out on Hungarian VET system, policies.The report was drafted to the National Employment Found.

Collecting and processing data on national level.

Project management.

Social Impact of Emigration and Rural-Urban Migration in Central and Eastern Europe 2011-2012 County expert, National report on Hungary

Research on urban migration and labour market.


European Job Mobility Laboratory (In the Progress framework), 2010 National expert
National Carreer Guidance Council, European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network member (2009) The effectiveness of budget sensitivity of carrier guidance in the field of life long learning – research  project leader

Data and information collection and summarising of the information.

Project management.

The European Job Mobility Laboratory –  PROGRESS (2007-2013). Network member, Hungarian country export

Research on labour market, policy analysis.

National PES (2009-2010 national, ESF based) Series of evaluation studies about the border regions labour market prospects and cross border employment services. The series of research was part of the modernisation project of PES to monitor the feasibility of cross border labour markets. – project leader
National Employment Found (National OFA project (2008-2009) Hungarians on the Austrian Labour Market – research project leader

A part of labour market analyses was focused on Hungarian VET  and skill missmatch on the Hungarian labour market.

Project management.The research project was drafted to the National Employment Found.

National Carreer Guidance Council, European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network member (2009) The effectiveness of budget sensitivity of carrier guidance  -research  project leader

Conducting analysis on LLL and the related policies in Hungary.

Project management.

CEDEFOP-Skillsnet (Network projet (2005- ) National correspondant Medium-term forecast of skills supply in Europe., Medium-term forecasts of occupational skill needs in Europe.
UNICEF (2008) Overview of the EU policy environment that shape public expenditure management and the composition of social expenditures in the EU 15 and the EU 8
European Union (FP6 Specific Targeted Project (2007-2009) IDEA- (Contract Number 044446) Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries as new immigration destinations in the European Union. I– work package program leader

Project management.

Research on the labour market and migration related issues.

The analyses was submitted to the EU.

Ministry of Socal and Employment (2007, National) Social Reviatalisation Operational porogram Task 2.4  on Flexiibility and Security, preparatory expert sudy for institutional culture and organization of work with small and microentreprises
2006, National, EURES EURES-T region feasibility study, project leader
National Development Agency (NFH)

(2006, National)

Ex ante evaluation of the Human Resource Development Program (Operational Program evaluation)

Focusing on the restructuring Hungarian vocational education training system reflecting to the transforming Hungarian economy.

The evaluation was submitted to the National Development Agency.

Mutual Learning Program of the EU European Employment Strategy (2006) Peer country independent expert, reform of severence pay law
Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) of the UN Dep of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), (2006) Consultant in preparing a chapter for the World Youth Report 2007


National Ministry of Labour Affairs (2005) Studies on distance work – White Book – Team leader

Project management.

Task: To demonstrate how distance work contibute to the national competitiveness of Hungary. A part of the study was focused on the LLL in Hungary.

The studies was submitted to the Hungarian Ministry of Labour Affairs.

FP5 EU Project2004-2005: ‘Gender Indicators Against Social Exclusion’ scientific research project  member
European Commission DG Employment and Social Affairs (2005) European Employment Strategy – Ways of Adaptability in New Member States. The case of Hungary supported by the EU  (VS/2004/0707) – program leader
European Union FP5 framework program (2004-2005) Gender Indicators Against Social Exlusion – scientific research member
Ministry  of Employment and Labour (2005, National) Monitoring of spread of atypical employment with special regard to e-work, program leader
Flowenla – EU V Framework Programme,  (2002) scientific research member
EU-projec – EU ERBHP V2 CT 1999-07 Brain Drain research project – (2000-2002) scientific research member

Additional information

Publications (Selected titles in English or other foreign language)

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