Ágnes Nagy Senior Research Associate

Curriculum Vitae 
Personal information  
Name Ágnes Nagy
Phone number work: (36-1) 309 26 44;
E-mail agnes.nagy@kopint-tarki.hu
Nationality Hungarian
Work experience  
Dates 2007-present
Employer Kopint-Tárki Ltd, Budapest
Field Applied economics research
Position Research associate
Activities  Analysis of Hungarian and international economies, organization and evaluation of corporate surveys
Dates 1970– 2007.
Employer Kopint-Datorg Zrt. Budapest
Field Applied economics research
Position Highest position: Head of Department; at the termination of employment: senior research fellow
Activities Analysis of economic processes (mainly manufacturing, foreign trade, customs and customs policy, using large databases), organization and evaluation of corporate surveys
Dates 1966-1970
Institution Karl Marx University of Economics, Budapest
Specialisation Foreign trade; International organizations
Personal skills  
Mother tongue Hungarian
Other languages
English Excellent
Russian Average
Spanish Average
Additional information
Organisational skills Decades of experience in corporate surveys
Computer skills OFFICE, SPSS
Driving licence B category

List of main projects


Theme (task to be performed / completed) Client
Current / Repetitive Jobs
Every year Competitiveness survey among corporate managers (topic manager) World Economic Forum (Switzerland)
Four times a year Conjuncture testing for manufacturing companies (managers’ opinions on the company’s position and prospects) PM, MNB-National Bank of Hungary
Four times a year Economic forecast (preparation of parcels: international trade and commodity markets, China, Hungarian manufacturing and foreign trade) Clients from the corporate and public administration sphere
Recent major projects
2016 Organisational Capital and Hospital Performance in Hungary, Kopint-Tárki Discussion Papers, No. 72. Kopint-Tárki, Budapest. FP7 Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union, SPINTAN project WP5 Austerity and recovery,  Grant agreement number: 612774
 02 – 03/2009  Impact of the crisis in different sectors, survival strategies  Hungarian Telekom
06 – 07/2009 The impact of changes in taxes affecting businesses VOSZ – National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers
01 – 02/2009 Some peculiarities of a corporate structure (panel) Reformszövetség (Reform Alliance)
10 – 11/2008 The position of the Hungarian automotive industry on the basis of accounting data NFGM – Ministry of National Development and Economy
10/2007–05/2008 Taxes, Tax Planning, Tax Database (preparation of panel) PMISZK – Ministry of Finance, IT Services Center
2007-2006 Development of an internationally harmonized emission rate monitoring system in specific service sectors (responsible for sub-areas) KSH- Hungarian Central Statistical Office
2007 Analysis to establish a predictable tax and contribution payment environment (preparation of a panel) GKM – Ministry of Economy and Transport
2007 The international experience of widening the tax base (preparation of a panel) PM – Ministry of Finance
2006 The Slovakian and the Hungarian border regions on the two sides of the Danube River: Feasibility study for the assessment of the Slovak-Hungarian border partnership (EURES-T) (task: compilation of data) Employment Agency
2006 Consistency analysis of data on foreign trade turnover (preparation of a panel: analysis based on mirror statistics) KSH- Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Foreign Trade Statistics Department
2006 Compilation of revenue,  profitability, employment, export, and FDI data in sectoral breakdown on a national level (topic leader) MTA – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Office of Supported Research Locations
2005 The possibility of creating a database to measure the effectiveness of the Hungarian public administration and to track its development over time (topic leader) MeH – Prime Minister’s Office
2005 Assessing the possible impacts of the draft EU directive on the internal market for services in Hungary (preparation of a panel) National Development Office
2005 Definition of UCI of 200 foreign-owned enterprises based on the FATS Handbook and OECD Globalization Handbook (topic leader) KSH – Hungarian Central Statistical Office
2005 Expected trends in China’s economic development by 2020 (topic leader) National Development Office
2005 The monitoring of the spread of atypical employment in Hungary, with special regard to e-work (organization of surveys) Workers’ Intervention Center of Budapest
2004 Statistical observation system for the external trade of passenger and product transport, financial, insurance and other government services (preparation of panels) KSH – Hungarian Central Statistical Office
2004 Changes in turnover and market access due to our accession to the EU on the basis of a detailed examination of the most important tariff groups in trade with Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria (topic leader) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2003 A dual economy or convergence and European integration (preparation of a panel) Ministry of Education, NKFP tender
 2003 Direct and indirect impacts of the exchange rate change of the Hungarian forint on the enterprise sector: Corporate opinions (preparation of a panel) GKM – Ministry of Economy and Transport
2003 Our interest in the WTO negotiations on the reduction of industrial tariffs with the perspective of EU membership, as an exporter and importer (topic leader) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2002 Forecasting foreign trade turnover and customs revenue for the years 2004-2006 in Hungary Ministry of Finance
2002 Statistical system of foreign trade of services (feasibility study, preparation of panels) KSH – Hungarian Central Statistical Office
2002 Introduction of Intrastat in Hungary (feasibility study; preparation of panels) KSH – Hungarian Central Statistical Office