Péter Vakhal Research Associate



E-mail: peter.vakhal(at)kopint-tarki.hu


Multivariate statistical analysis
Eastern-European countries after EU accession
Statistical recording of Global Value Chains in the region


2010-:            research associate, Kopint-Tárki
2008-2010: research assistant, Kopint-Tárki
2006-2008: intern, Kopint-Tárki (former Kopint-Datorg)


2014-          : Corvinus University of Budapest, Management and Business Administration Doctoral School, Department of Operational Research and Actuarial Sciences
2011-2014  : Corvinus University of Budapest, Business Informatics Doctoral School
2008-2010: Széchenyi István University, MSc. degree with distinction
2004-2008: Budapest Business School


R, SPSS, EViews, Gretl, Microsoft Office, SQLite, Minitab, OriginLab, SAS JMP, Scribus, STATA, Statistica, QGIS


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