Realignment of fiscal processes in major countries in the world economy, in the EU and Hungary

The study examines the realignment of fiscal developments as a result of the crisis in the world’s most important economies. It provides an overview of public finances before, during and after the crisis, and examines the structural changes in public spending as a result of the crisis to the present day in the EU Member States. The study also examines the overall indicator of internal structural change in expenditure, provides an overview of changes in the budgetary expenditure structure of some of the major OECD Member States and assesses public finances trends in the light of economic growth. It also analyzes the similarities and differences in the expenditure structure of public finances and gives an international comparison of the use of the Structural and Cohesion Funds between 2007 and 2013.
Prepared for the Secretariat of the Fiscal Council of Hungary.
Prepared by: Péter Vakhal, Éva Palócz, Nóra Serfőző, Annamária Pethő. The working group was led by: Éva Palócz.
Budapest, 15 November, 2015.

The study is available in Hungarian here.