Realignment of fiscal processes in the major countries of the world economy, in the EU and Hungary

The purpose of the study is to review the fiscal processes that have characterized the European Union’s economies over the last two years, especially the Central and Eastern European countries and Hungary. The study analyzes the change in the rate of government spending over the past two years and its components in the countries of the EU, as well as the structural changes in EU28 public spending, especially over the last two years. The study provides an analytical overview of the Stability and Convergence Programs and an international comparison of the macroeconomic role and structure of grants from EU funds.
Prepared for the Secretariat of the Fiscal Council of Hungary. Contract number: KVT/41-1/2016.
Prepared by: Zoltán Matheika, Péter Vakhal, Éva Palócz. The working group was led by: Éva Palócz.
Budapest, 26 September, 2016.
The study is available here in Hungarian.