Regular Reports

Economic Trends in Eastern Europe
Kopint-Tárki’s flagship English-language regular economic report, Economic Trends in Eastern Europe is published three times a year. It provides economic analyses on Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe in context of the European and global economy.
Manufacturing Sentiment Indicator
Kopint-Tárki’s economic confidence survey, the Manufacturing Survey Results (Konjunktúrateszt in Hungarian) is conducted four times a year among manufacturing companies active in Hungary.
Quarterly Economic Report
Kopint-Tárki’s flagship economic report for decades, the Quarterly Economic Report (Konjunktúrajelentés in Hungarian) is published four times a year in Hungarian. It provides analysis on the global and the European economy as well as on Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe.
EUREN (for EURopean Economic Network) is a network consisting at the time being of nine European economic research institutes. It was created in 1999 aimed to improve the analyses of the European economy in a context of major institutional changes in the European Union, especially the setting-up of the Euro as a single currency.
Hungarian Global Competitiveness Index
The Global Competitiveness Index of Hungary is based on the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum.