EUREN (for EURopean Economic Network) is a network consisting at the time being of nine European economic research institutes. It was created in 1999 aimed to improve the analyses of the European economy in a context of major institutional changes in the European Union, especially the setting-up of the Euro as a single currency. Since then, EUREN regular publishes forecasts of the Euro area economy and other studies of European interest. Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research Co. regularly contributes to the forecasts published three times a year.

The official webpage of the network is available here.

Below you can access the links to the reports.


#1 | February EUREN Winter Forecast 2016. Recovery is losing momentum


#4 | December Outlook for the New EU Members States

#3 | September UK: Will policy normalization derail the expansion?

#2 | August EUREN Summer Forecast 2015. Euro area recovery continues

#1 | February EUREN Winter Forecast 2015. A sluggish recovery


#3 | November New Member States in Shadow of Uncertainty

#2 | July EUREN Summer Forecast 2014. A modest recovery continues

#1 | February EUREN Winter Forecast 2014. A recovery is on its way

Previous issues are available here.