Manufacturing Sentiment Indicator

Kopint-Tárki’s economic confidence survey, the Manufacturing Survey Results (Konjunktúrateszt in Hungarian) is conducted four times a year among manufacturing companies active in Hungary. The sample includes small, medium and large companies. The report contains findings on company perceptions on current economic situation and forthcoming developments, trends in production, inventories, domestic and export sales, capacity utilisation and employment. An analysis of empirical findings is included along dimensions of sector, size, main activity and ownership.

Below, see the results of the manufacturing sentiment indicators:

Manufacturing: mixed outlooks
Current sentiment of the Hungarian manufacturing industry is ambivalent. According to their own sentiment evaluation, firms are feeling themself well and their outlook for the next 6 months is also looking good. The evaluation of the country’s current state and prospectives just as the production forecasts are also good.
Optimism is fading again the manufacturing industry
The current state of the Hungarian manufacturing industry is odd. On one hand the sentiment indicators reflect good mood – all indices based on the subjective assessment of the companies are on high levels. On the other hand other indicators that are relying on more objective factors are in declining.
Good outlooks in manufacturing industry
Current state and outlooks of the Hungarian manufacturing industry looks pretty good. However there are several external barriers which set the production back.
Manufacturing companies are still enthusiastic
Manufacturing companies see their current situation mixed, but very optimistic regarding the future.
Flagging sentiment in manufacturing industry
High level of inventories, moderate production forecast.
Fading optimism in manufacturing industry
Sentimend indicator has fallen to 60 points while confidence index decreased to 49 points.
Historically high level optimism
Optimism in manufacturing industry is close to its former highest level.